2.3 Connection of QA with the world outside the institution

Be aware that the quality of education is closely co-related with its responsiveness to the world of work and broader societal goals/Be able to relate the institutional QA purposes to new developments in relevant professional fields and in the region and wider society.

The next 7 minutes video is focused on the connection of QA with the world outside of the HEI.

Especially in the context of professional HE, quality of modules and study programmes are closely corelated with their responsiveness to the world of work – and thus with the meaningful employability of graduates. Concretely, this means that a QA system needs to be responsive to new developments in the related professional fields and subject areas. But equally, the QA system should also include an awareness of the wider purposes of a HE degree,  i.e. critical thinkinhttps://youtu.be/_LF9ruwRts4g and preparing students for active citizenship, and thus the importance of generic competencies for flexibility, adjustability and openness to continuous personal development of graduates. 

More and more important are also Sustainble Development Goals. As a leader you should consider how your insitution help with fullfilment of theses goals.

You should also consider the influence of external quality assuurance on your instution internal quality assurance. Read this Brief Linking External and Internal Quality Assurance (Go to materials15 minutes reading).


Although challenging, it might be a worthwhile exercise to try to map out all the stakeholders’ views and perceptions of quality of higher education. How much diversity and divergence, if any, could there be among the different higher education stakeholder groups? To what extent could these views be reconciled within a national QA framework. Try to answer. Use notepad. (30 minutes).