Quality Assurance for Leaders of Professional Higher Education Institutions

Quality assurance policy in Europe has either been unable to detect or unable to resolve these issues. It is our hypothesis that this is due to quality assurance which is applied nearly exclusively a course/programme level rather than at institutional-strategy level, where it can be a lever fororganizational transformation.

We have identified a lack of formalised expertise in quality management amongst institutional top management as a key barrier limiting uptake. Often institutional leaders will have never received any formal training in QA-management, and thus, while having significant expertise as to what constitutes quality education, will have limited expertise in how to translate that mission and vision into a management system based on clear quality objectives, backed up by steady processes that will assure the adequate planning and realization of activities leading to the achievement of those objectives, as well as monitoring and analysing processes thatwill enable continual improvement.

The goal of our course is to equip the Ledears of Professional Higher Education Institutions with the comptences which will help them to develop and promote Quality Culture in their insitutions and maximise gains from Quality Assurance.

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