6.1 Acting on feedback

We will focus in the topics on who is esponsible in each department to act on feedback and who in the Institution oversees that action from feedback is actually done.

We would like to start this topic by a 13-minute video with PowerPoints from Mr. Gino Schiavone. This video helps you to not only gather Feedback but to actually bring the change as a leader by using that Feedback. The slides on Leadership in practice will actually help you practice the action required.


Please read part VI: Tools and Processes (15 min reading).

“Examining Quality Culture Part ii: Processes, Tools, Participation, Occupation and Bureaucracy -EUA Publications 2011.  

Excercise: (20 min)

Try to answer on these questions:

  • How is the student questionnaire created- by students focus groups or Management? Would this affect the results? And their interpretation of feedback?
  • Where is the final report discussed and what happens after?
  • Is there a lack of co-ordination between departments to act on feedback?
  • Do you only use one method to disseminate the actions taken?